Electric Guitar Strings


Six decades of development and road testing from the world’s leading musicians has lead to our range of electric guitar strings. From smooth Pure Nickels to cutting British Steels, we make a guitar string for everyone.

Bass Guitar Strings

Where Rotosound made its name! Since the sixties we’ve been creating innovative designs that provide players with an unrivalled tone and quality of bass guitar string.

Acoustic Guitar Strings

With a wide range of materials and gauges, we have the perfect string for every acoustic guitar, from our sonically-rich Jumbo King sets to our innovative contact-core Super Bronze range.

Traditional Strings

More than sixty years of string making expertise goes into our traditional instrument strings. From banjos to bouzoukis, violins to double basses, our range of strings cater for the student and the professional alike.


Since opening up shop on London’s Denmark Street in the sixties, Rotosound has been producing quality accessories for musicians.


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Rotosound Electric guitar string strings sets

Deconstructing Electric Guitar Strings: Materials, Design and What They Do Best

Electric guitar strings are the most crucial component of producing great tone. (Aside from guitar picks, they are also the least expensive guitar accessory!) Strings are the “vocal cords” of a guitar, and the set we select fundamentally shapes our instrument’s voice. However, with so many different kinds of electric guitar strings available, it can be difficult to decipher what makes each special. Even more daunting is figuring out which type of string is best suited for the music you love to play.

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Rotosound strings stand at Birmingham guitar show uk 2022

The Guitar Show UK 2022

Guitarists from across Britain –and overseas – flocked to The Guitar Show UK to see today’s latest and greatest gear. Rotosound was there to witness it all and report back the very best from this year’s show…

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Unpackaged strings showing ball ends Rotosound

Guitar Strings and Styles

One of the most important factors in playing guitar is the string you choose! Of course your technique and approach are a big factor, but the quality and style of your string can make all the difference in the final sound.

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